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Sins of Will

Monnie's Fic-Journal

1 April
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This is Sins of Will, Monnie's (tiamatv's) writing journal.
I have a rather strange system of ratings, so please bear with me, all right? ^_^

Since I'm not altogether too fond of the G/PG/PG-13 etc. rating system... colours of the rainbow it is. ^__^

Shades of Red: Yaoi. Probably smut, or a very adult issue of some sort. For example: scarlet, brick, crimson, cherry, etc.
Shades of Orange: Yaoi. Sweet yaoi, likely involving kissing, or touching; something blatantly shounen-ai. For example: peach, apricot.
Shades of Yellow: Not even shounen-ai, really. Blink and you might miss it. For example: goldenrod, buttermilk, canary.

...I haven't posted any het in awhile, but here's the het rating system; should I ever decide to post it, I'll put up colour examples. ^_^

Shades of Green: Het. Innocent. Entirely and totally. Really.
Shades of Blue: Het. A nice little relationship--might be sexual in nature, but not explicitly mentioned.
Shades of Violet: Het. Smut, possibly, but could also involve an adult issue, or violence, which generally isn't an issue with my yaoi stuff.

Shades of White: utterly danger-free in any and all ways, to even the most suspicious mind. XD

I'm using colours so that I can actually combine them, darn it. ^_^ Like: 'sunset' (red-orange) might be sweet yaoi with a flash of heat, or 'mint green' could be het romance that's so light, or so background, that it doesn't really become part of the story.

And as for the rest of my fics... I've decided that, you know what, I don't really want to repost them, so I'm putting them all in the Memories of this journal. Correctly archived. Really. ^_^ And I'll try to keep up with the Memories, this time.

O te yawaraka ni, ne? (Go easy on me, okay? ^_^)